Dynamic Duos – The Evens & Soccer Team

November 12, 2006


Washington DC’s Dischord Records has been busy lately. Recent releases on the label include new material from The Evens, Soccer Team and French Toast.

The Evens, featuring Ian MacKaye on baritone guitar and Amy Farina on drums, have released their second record, Get Evens. While it may not be the fix those in Fugazi-withdrawal are seeking, the Evens continue to develop their hauntingly spare version of politically-charged DC indie-rock that combines the quiet minimalism of the Warmers with a sound uniquely MacKaye.

Listen: No Money from Get Evens ; Listen: All These Governors from their self-titled debut

The Soccer Team, which includes Ryan Nelson (formerly of the Most Secret Method and the Beauty Pill) and Melissa Quinley, offers their debut album, “Volunteered” Civility & Professionalism. It’s a difficult, diverse record best described as a book of short stories. Each of the fourteen songs finds the band in fourteen different places, but most are well worth the effort. Favorites include the hilarious “Johnny Hart’s BC” and the retro-girl band tune, “Lobster Season.”

Listen: Solid Ring Fighters from “Volunteered” Civility & Professionalism


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