The Childballads

November 15, 2006

The Childballads 

Where are you Stuart Lupton?

Word was that the ex-Jonathan Fire*Eater singer was busy with his new band, The Childballads, and that the UK’s Loog Records was planning to release not just a single, but an EP. We can only hope that further delay might translate into even more material, as Lupton’s inspired performances made Jonathan Fire*Eater one of the stand-out bands of the nineties. (The brilliance of Wolf Songs for Lambs is often and unjustly eclipsed by the band’s commercial failure on Dreamworks.)

Loog Records’ discography page has a Childballads CD listed for release in September 2006 with the song list including: White Chocolate Tea / Blackbirds / Old Man October / I Can Hear Your Hair Grow / Rafters / Green Jewelry. The Childballads’ myspace page features two acoustic folk-tinged tunes that sound ready for release, and eMusic features a 9 song live set from late 2005. 

So Stuart, please. We have heard the Walkmen orbit about in Saturn commercials. Where are the Childballads?

Listen: Cheekbones (Live)

2 Responses to “The Childballads”

  1. Ronby Says:

    The EP is out! It was released January 15th.

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