The Make-Up

November 19, 2006

The Make-Up’s film debut may actually be in the 1994 film, Half-Cocked. An early incarnation of the band appeared as the fictional Guill-o-Teens, whose equipment is hijacked by the singer’s (Svenonius) younger sister and friends. The film features the band performing, “Black Wire,” though the track is not included on the otherwise excellent soundtrack.

As the Make-Up’s energetic gospel-punk-rock proclamation spread from epicenter Washington, DC like an earth-moving force of nature, the band again appeared in film, this time in full Gospel Yeh Yeh glory. Their first short film, Blue is Beautiful, is included on a new collection of performances and videos recently released by Dischord Records called The Make-Up In Film/On Video.

Whether as the Nation of Ulysses, the Cupid Car Club, and now as Weird War, Svenonius et al have launched inspired performances in trajectories all their own. The Make-Up were never a band to be missed performing live, so here’s your second chance at salvation.

Listen: Here Comes the Judge from Destination: Love LIVE at Cold Rice!, Blue is Beautiful from Make-UP After Dark, Come Up To The Microphone from In Mass Mind, C’mon Let’s Spawn from Save Yourself.

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  1. Scooby Says:

    This is the sexiest blog ever.

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