November 20, 2006

So, is Maritime more than just the ex-Cap’n Jazz/ex-Promise Ring, ex-Dismemberment Plan band?  Sure, Davey von Bohlen, Dan Didier and Eric Axelson were on the verge of breaking through the big city music machine on the first wave of emo, when emo was cool… (was emo ever really cool?) If you recall, The Dismemberment Plan even signed to Interscope Records, but their record was never released by that label. The Promise Ring made their last record for Anti Records, and despite their jump from Jade Tree, never made it to that MTV show with Carson Daly.  

Maritime does not pick up where the break-ups left off. We, the Vehicles is a good time for sure. Yeah, it sounds a little like the Promise Ring, but that’s mainly Davey’s voice. Instead, it makes no bid for current-day mainstream emo success at 1515 Broadway, but sounds like a band satisfied making a record of crafty indie-pop songs, and leaving the bidding to young men with a penchant for eyeliner and expensive haircuts.

Listen: Sleep Around and A Night Like This from Glass Floor, on DeSoto Records. Calm and Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts from We, the Vehicles, on Flameshovel Records. Future Is Wired, I Used To Be A Singer from the band’s webpage. 

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