Texas is the Reason

November 21, 2006


In honor of the ten-year anniversary of the release of their only album, Do You Know Who You Are?, Texas is the Reason will be playing two very special (and very sold out… it took all of thirty-five minutes) shows at New York’s Irving Plaza over the Thanksgiving weekend. So now you’ve got to ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay to see Texas-via-craigslist?

Texas is the Reason in all fairness only released 2 split 7″ (one with the Promise Ring, and one with Samuel), an excellent 3-song EP, and the celebrated album above, now a decade old. The band played a style of melodic post-hardcore (did we call it emo back then?) common in the mid-to-late nineties, (flashback to Quicksand, Falling Forward, Lifetime, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sensefield…). And they were very good at it, though in retrospect, I’m not sure how much better than everyone else on that list.

That being said, it seems that many (myself included) are nostalgic for Garrett, Norm, Chris and Scott as Texas as the Reason. While the post-Texas bands Jets to Brazil, New End Original, the New Rising Sons, and Solea, have made some solid records, none of them come close to matching the infectious energy and heart-ache of Texas. (After all, none have pulled off, “Well I hate you all, and that’s for free, and that’s what makes it easy for me.” Have they?)

NB: the band will not be reuniting (except for these two shows). And they are not going on tour (unless you consider two shows at Irving Plaza a tour). So says the band on their webpage: http://texasisthereason.org/.

So go ahead, make your bid on eBay. It will be worth it. Texas is the Reason.

Listen: If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours from their self-titled EP, Back and to the Left from Do You Know Who You Are?, Blue Boy from the Promise Ring/Texas is the Reason split 7″.


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