November 22, 2006


The men of Chavez are back, and they’re not fucking around. The Matador release of their retrospective, Better Days Will Haunt You, includes every song the band has ever recorded. In addition, some live material on DVD is also included, but fans won’t need to exclusively rely on old concert footage as their only Chavez fix. The men of Chavez will also be playing several live shows around the country, including one at Warsaw in Brooklyn on December 16th. So Happy Chanukah, Greenpoint.

For those of you who may have missed it (and it was only for a short three years and two albums) Chavez was an often overlooked and under-appreciated band from the second half of the nineties, that, to put it simply and directly, rocked. The band emerged from the same musical landscape as Lollapalooza and Alternative Nation (right… with Kennedy), but never achieved the household-name status that many lesser guitar-based rock bands of those days seemed to wield.

It is only fitting then, that Chavez reappear to take back what is rightfully theirs, apparently by force. (Matt Sweeney broke his hand, forcing two early reunion dates to be cancelled… fisticuffs with former Zwan band-mate and Smashing Pumpkins front, Billy Corgan?… no that’s a blatant lie, but who knows what could have happened?)      

Listen: The Guard Attacks/Unreal Is Here and You Faded from Better Days Will Haunt You, available  on Matador Records and eMusic.

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