November 30, 2006

Menomena“Welcome to the world,” says Portland’s Menomena. (See left.)

Menomena’s debut album, I Am The Fun Blame Monster (can you say anagram?), featured a flip-book as an integral part of its album artwork. (I mean, how do you beat that?). In the words of Dyanu, “It would have been enough.” But beyond masterful packaging feats, Menomena put forth a flip-book with the accompaniment of an entire album-worth of indie-pop piano-bass-drums coolness. 

Sure the second album was only three tracks long and instrumental, but hey, when you’re described as an experiemental rock trio, why not do whatever the fuck you feel like? The band has now jumped labels and signed on with Barsuk Records, home of rock and roll favorites, Death Cab for Cutie. The new record, which is a return to non-instrumental pop-form is due out in January 2007, and is called Friend and Foe.

Listen: E is Stable from I Am the Fun Blame Monster, available on FILMguerrerro. Wet and Rusting from Friend and Foe, available on Barsuk Records in early 2007. 

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