The Mountain Goats

December 1, 2006

Everybody loves John Darnielle.

The crafty singer-songwriter of the Mountain Goats is a lyricist as celebrated as he is prolific. His most recent record, Get Lonely(on 4AD), is sure to make its way on to a fair share of year end best of lists. It’s an intimate, acoustic moment of impossible sadness (though seemingly not for Darnielle, who has tackled much more difficult places on previous recordings).

He is currently touring Australia with John Vanderslice, and will return for West Coast dates in March 2007.

Listen: Wild Sage, Get Lonely, Woke Up New from Get Lonely, available on 4AD. No Children from Tallahassee and Palmcorder Yajna from We Shall Be Healed.

Also check out the many live recordings on:


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