Blonde Redhead

December 6, 2006

I was walking on Second Avenue a few weekends ago trying to find brunch, when I thought I spotted Simone Pace from Blonde Redhead walking his dog.

It’s been about 2 years since the New York trio’s last record, Misery is a Butterfly, was released on 4AD. Reportedly, the band has completed recording a new album which is expected to be released in early 2007. Details regarding the album, however, are somewhat sparse.

The metamorphosis of Blonde Redhead is likely to continue: the band has gone from endless Sonic Youth comparisons and heavily Unwound influenced albums (to Gap models, see left) to their latest incarnation as a hauntingly beautiful ode to Serge Gainsbourg. (Check out their cover of Gainsbourg’s “Slogan,” below.) Simone recently described the forthcoming record to Pitchfork Media, and said “the delivery of the songs [on the new record] is more direct.” 

A tour is also expected to follow the release of the new record. (I’ve seen Amedeo charge across the stage into a sudden embrace with Kazu… mid-song… guitars in place… amps on “eleven.”) The band is not to be missed live.  

Until then, Kazu can be heard on the new TV on the Radio song, “Hours.” 

Listen:  Slogan from Melodie Citronique, available on Touch and Go. Misery is a Butterfly from Misery is a Butterfly, available on 4AD.


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