hey willpower

December 8, 2006

This post is in honor of the forthcoming onslaught of Dreamgirls mishegaas coming to a theater near you. The band featured here really has nothing to do with Dreamgirls. (Well, except for that…)

hey willpower is the new San Fransisco band featuring Will Schwartz (formerly of Imperial Teen). They sound nothing like his former band. They actually don’t sound much like a band. I suppose the musical genre would be more like… er… well, pop. Full-on dance-floor rump-shaking. (I’m not sure how else to hyphenate this to make it sound cool.) In the band’s bio, Schwartz cites L’Trimm as an inspiration, and well I sort of dig, “we’re Tigra and Bunny and we like the boom.”

Joined by electronic musician Tomo and some backup dancers (yes, that’s right), hey willpower has previously toured with the likes of Le Tigre and Scissor Sisters (two similarly indie-dance outfits), and is currently touring Europe.  Their new record (P.D.A.) is available on Tomlab Records. It has a retro-80’s dance feel to it without being too kitschy, and although Schwartz says it’s not meant to be ironic, it can’t help but be a little. “I’m losing all my indie cred,” he sings on “Phenomenon,” and I suppose that’s what might happen when you serve mainstream pop to punk rock, though a dance-floor filled with hipster swagger seems just as likely a scenario.

Listen: Chewing Gum (a duet with Annie), is available from the band’s myspace page. The new album, PDA, available on Tomlab Records; it streams there. Their debut EP is available on Cochon Records.

2 Responses to “hey willpower”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    You are a seer, much like the goddess Beyonce.

  2. Lloyd Says:

    You spelled mishegaas wrong. And you call yourself a jew…ay gevalt!

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