Pardon my French: Benjamin Biolay, Coralie Clement, The Prototypes

December 18, 2006

Fries… Toast… Dressing… Kissing… Canadians. These are just a few of the wonderful things the French have given us (along with the Statue of Liberty and Monsieur Gainsbourg).

Sure they come off as anti-Zionist racist cigarette enthusiasts who didn’t support Operation: Iraqi Freedom, but hey, I still love champagne. Here are a few more wonderful things about our so-called French Friends to add to the “Good things about Rachel” column.

Benjamin Biolay.

The French singer described as a current-day Serge Gainsbourg (and perhaps the comparisons are valid, see left). Like Gainsbourg, Biolay has yet to find a wide American audience – despite a debut album written entirely about the Kennedys.

His most recent album, A L’Origine, was introduced to me by my roommate, and I dig it.

It is available on Virgin Music France.
Check out the video for “Mon Amour M’a Baise” below.

Benjamin Biolay – Mon amour m’a baisé

Coralie Clement.

She’s the sister of Benjamin Biolay. (Yes, they’re like a cooler French version of the Osmonds who aren’t afraid to look sexy smoking cigarettes.)

Photo: Beniot Peverelli

Biolay has produced and written much of her two albums, though Daniel Lorca of Nada Surf lends his talents on her most recent album, Bye Bye Beaute.

Bye Bye Beaute is available on Nettwerk Records. You can listen to her record here: My favorite is “Indecise.”

The Prototypes.

Last on the list is a little more in keeping with the invisible taste.

The Prototypes are a band that play a danceable retro-version of guitar vs. synth electro-pop-punk. They’re a little bit disco, a little bit rock and roll, and top ten hitmakers in France.

A Free EP is available through the Minty Fresh Records website. It contains 4 tracks not previously released in the US.

Listen: Je Ne Te Connais Pas, Exister, Un Gars Fragile, Decider, Boxe is the free EP. Their debut, The Prototypes, is also available from Minty Fresh Records.

2 Responses to “Pardon my French: Benjamin Biolay, Coralie Clement, The Prototypes”

  1. mark becker Says:

    Very good article on this french actor.

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