Vague Angels

December 22, 2006


Chris Leo (formerly of The Van Pelt and Native Nod, and brother of Ted, as in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) is now Vague Angels. Earlier this year the debut album, Let’s Duke It Out at Kilkenny Katz’, was released on Pretty Activity.

As in his former band The Van Pelt, continued are Mr. Leo’s hyper-literary spoken-narrative songs, though this time around they seem more beat-poetry-cool than emo-wordcore. Likewise, the music supporting Mr. Leo’s lyrical prose has changed from the jingle-jangle of post-hardcore indie-emo rock to a range of acoustic guitars and lo-fi electronic sounds. I suppose this is what happens when you become a published author. 

Vague Angels previously toured with brother band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and will be touring Europe in the early portion of 2007.

(On a related note in Brooklyn, Lou Reed played Berlin for the first time in 33 years.)

Listen: The Princess and the Newt, The Vague Angels of Vagary from Let’s Duke It Out at Kilkenny Katz’, available from Pretty Activity.

Also Listen: The Van Pelt: Yamato (Where People Really Die) and My Bouts With Pouncing from Sultans of Sentiment, and His Saxophone Is My Guitar from Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves, both available on Gern Blandsten Records.


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