Merry X-mas!

December 25, 2006

Merry X-mas to everyone who wants to be wished a Merry X-mas and isn’t offended by the statement. To those not in the first group, have a very special Monday! Take the day off! Especially you, Tom Flynn (The Trouble With X-mas), but not you Mel Gibson (LA County DUI, 2006). You’re a fucking psycho. 

12 days of X-mas – Muppets & John Denver

And to save you the window shopping, PNC has calculated just how much the twelve days of X-mas is going cost your true love in 2006. The PNC X-mas Index.

Yes, pear trees are up 40%! Sell! Buy!
(To a healthy economy in the new year.)
We hope you get everything on your list.
Listen: Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

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