The Invisible Songs of 2006 (vol. 4)

December 29, 2006

This is the last edition of this list; you can return to your normal daily lives. I would remind you, this is not a “best of” list, but a favorites list, in order of number of plays on my iPod this year (these 10 close in around the 200 mark).

Have a wonderful new year. This ball has dropped.

Your Invisible Friends.

The Invisible Songs of 2006 (vol. 4)


Cat Power – “Lived in Bars” from The Greatest (Matador). Chan Marshall starts us off with a slow dance and leaves us dancing on tables to a retro-50’s groove. In the video, she looks stage-fright-less and hot.


The Walkmen – “Louisiana” from A Hundred Miles Off (Record Collection). I originally thought this song was terribly annoying, but over the year it’s won me over. (I’m still mourning Jonathan Fire*Eater.) It’s a slightly Dylan, slightly Latin (trumpets anyone?) indie rock song as laid back as “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” 


Pearl Jam – “Worldwide Suicide” from Pearl Jam (J). The last time Pearl Jam produced anything this vital or urgent-sounding was back in the early nineties under another Bush during another war. The production of this song may be a more viable reason for Iraq Redux than WMD’s.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Gold Lion” from Show Your Bones (Interscope). Karen O & Co. pretty it up with unexpected acoustic guitars on their sophomore album opener, and then tear it open as only the YYY’s can.


Tokyo Police Club – “Citizens of Tomorrow” from A Lesson in Crime (Paper Bag). A tale of science fiction put to Strokes-esque garage rock by one of Canada’s finest young bands, and on this song, most excellent clappers.


Monkey Swallows the Universe – “Sheffield Shanty” from The Bright Carvings (Thee SPC). A lovely acoustic ballad by a little-known UK band who dream of playing pirate when the deluge comes. Look for them to follow fame on the heels of the Long Blondes.


Islands – “Rough Gem” from Return to the Sea(Equator). The Ex-Unicorns (Jaime Tambeur and Nick Diamonds, get it?) return with this quirky and infectious piece of pop rock. Think Kanye West, but not. It’s as good as anything our beloved Unicorns put out there.


The French Kicks – “So Far We Are” from Two Thousand (Vagrant). Please ignore the detractors: The French Kicks are cool. Yeah they live on the same street in Brooklyn as everyone else, but give this record a second listen; they’re better than The Walkmen.


Rainer Maria – “Life of Leisure” from Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (Grunion). Emo was largely dropped from what is now Rainer Maria’s last album; the band grew up. (A Nico cover for example…) This song plays to the band’s main strength: De Marrais’ vocals, and in a better world would have let RM usurp the MTV spotlight from the eyeliner emo that was so last year.  


Mates of State – “Like U Crazy” from Bring It Back (Barsuk). On keys and drums, the dynamic duo of indie-rock give you the Prince-like-title and the doo-wop chorus, “I-I-I-I like U crazy.” I think I’m in love with them both.

*Please remember, you should support all of these artists, and buy every song on The Invisible Songs of 2006 Collection. Thanks. 


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