January 2, 2007


So what’s a band to do when graduate school calls, and the answer ends up coming from the other side of the country?

Since we all know breaking up is hard to do, DraculaZombieUSA have decided to tough it out and do the long-distance thing for a while, and just see how it works. They have geographically split left coast (DZUSA – the West Coast Solution) and right coast (DZUSA – the East Coast Annex), but continue to make music and play shows (now as two independent units of a single machine).

This is all good news you. Now as a bi-coastal band, you’ve got twice the number of chances to catch their electro-dance-punk “psychedelic party jams” live. And if you’re really really lucky, maybe you’ll meet one of them and start your own DZUSA sleeper cell.  

Their self-titled record is out on Serious Business Records. You should pick it up and shake your ass.

Listen: The Summer Jam, I Like The Snow, Bear Island, Thomas Window Paine from their self-titled debut.


One Response to “DraculaZombieUSA”

  1. b.bruxXx Says:


    new dzusa record this year!

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