Miho Hatori

January 3, 2007

From the Japanese hip-hop-punk-pop mastermind whose synapses delivered “Know Your Chicken” and “Butter of 69,” Miho Hatori, of the Cibo Matto and Butter 08 fame, has released a new solo album on Rykodisc entitled, Ecdysis.

The record is quite Björk-like, though not in any direct or derivative sort of way. The unusual mixture of sounds, textures and rhythms that have become the signature of Ms. Hatori’s Icelandic goose-wearing contemporary are employed with considerable care and skill on Ecdysis, and work just as well here as in any part of the Guðmundsdóttir repertoire.  

The sound of the new record is more world-influenced and mature-sounding than anything Ms. Hatori had previously released in the nineties, and it would appear that she is quite comfortable in her newfound skin. Check out the video below by Ishiura Masaru. (And then just for kicks, YouTube the Gondry video for Cibo Matto’s “Sugarwater.”)

Miho Hatori: Barracuda

Listen: Barracuda, A Song For Kids, Walking City and Amazona from Ecdysis, available on Rykodisc.


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