Red Eyed Legends

January 4, 2007

Chris Thomson can’t quite escape the sound of his own voice. His distinct barking punk-rock rants were previously heard throughout the nineties on the recordings of DC’s legendary Circus Lupus, Monorchid (recently re-formed to play the Touch and Go Records 25th Anniversary show) and Skull Kontrol. He currently sings and plays guitar in Chicago’s Red Eyed Legends.

Together with Kiki Yablon (from the Dishes) on Farfisa, Mr. Thomson brings his pissed-as-fuck Jonathan Richman back into the garage for a dark and dirty punk rock revival only he can provide. Sure, the sound is similar to his previous bands, but really, look at the resume and tell me, isn’t that the point?

Red Eyed Legends will be playing a benefit for J Robbins & Family on January 27 at the Empty Bottle in Chicago with Chin Up Chin Up, The Life and Times and Bobby Conn. 

Listen: Cold In The Sun and A Conquest from the Mutual Insignificance EP. Here’s To Being Beautiful and That Other Bastard from The High I Feel When I’m Low.

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