The Hong Kong

January 8, 2007

So we’ve been waiting patiently for The Hong Kong to become famous. They’ve been at that place called on the verge for quite some time. (aka: They’ve been hanging out with Ric Ocasek and Dean Wareham.)

It’s been several years since the band was first mentioned in Rolling Stone as “New Faces,” and now that their debut, Rock the Faces, has been released in several incarnations, it seems about time we get some quality follow-up to the devastatingly smart Cars-Blondie pop-rock of “Mazerati.”

The promised record, produced by Ocasek himself, has been said to be forthcoming on his Inverse Records label since late 2005. In the meantime, I suppose we will have to make do: check out the video for their newest tune, “Tongue Tied,” which is a Bonnie & Clyde featurette with ex-Luna (so sad) mainman Dean Wareham and the Hong Kong’s bombshell singer, Catherine Culpepper.

The Hong Kong – Tongue Tied

Listen: Not Getting Better, Tongue Tied, from the forthcoming record and Mazerati from Rock the Faces available on Ether Drag.

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