The World Without Magic

January 9, 2007


The World Without Magic is like the world we live in: familiar, comforting, but at times surprising and inspiring. The New York band randomly reminds me of The Mountain Goats and Aimee Mann, but for no real palpable reason whatsoever. They do play an appealling version of sad-boy indie-pop (particularly in “Never Begun,” see below), but are mismatched with the usual comparisons.

The band is stuck somewhere between invention and deja vu, and I’m not sure where that leaves us, but to paraphrase an old roommate: The World Without Magic is a fun place to live in.

The World Without Magic will be playing a benefit show for Planned Parenthood of New York City at The Knitting Factory on January 19, 2007. They will be playing with Takka Takka and The Wrens.

The last time I saw The Wrens play at the Knitting Factory, Craig Wedren’s Baby, and Montreal’s then little-known Arcade Fire opened. Sort of tough shoes to fill, but hey, maybe this is your last time to see The World Without Magic sans David Bowie hanging out on stage.

(This show celebrates 34 years of Roe v. Wade!)

Listen: Never Begun, Quiet Life, and Up The Wrong One from The World Without Magic EP available from Fun Fact Records at Insound.

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