Les Breastfeeders

January 10, 2007


Ok. Let’s just get this straight. Just because it’s preceded by “les” does not make this band’s name any better. Sure I get it, they’re Francophones; they don’t want to be a part of Canada anymore (though under the current administration, maybe New York City would be willing undergo an episode of political Trading Spaces with Montreal for a while). But please, young film students, resist mistaking French for sophistication.

That being said, Les Breastfeeders rock out on their new album, Les Matins De Grands Soirs. The record makes no attempt at the abstraction of floating red balloons (after all, they are French Canadian, not just French) and instead focuses on rock n’ roll so garage it reeks of exhaust.

Yes, I realize we’ve all sort of moved on from importing garage rock from say, places like Sweden. (Do they even have garages there for their compact eco-friendly electric smart cars?) But not to worry, Les Breastfeeders are better than The Hives’ last album.

Check out their video below, and in particular stream the song “Viens Avec Moi.”

Les Breastfeeders – “Funny Funiculaire”

Listen: Viens Avec Moi, Funny Feniculaire, Tout Va Pour La Mieux Dans Le Pire Des Mondes (stream here) from Les Matins De Grands Soirs, available on Blow The Fuse Records.



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