The Long Blondes

January 16, 2007

Will Brit-Pop finally make its way back to the colonies?
(Is this the year of The Long Blondes?)  

Yes, there have been the exceptions to the rule: let’s say Art Brut or Bloc Party, for example. Sure these bands’ members speak with excellent accents that make them sound attractive, witty and sophisticated. But for the most part, the current breed of British bands popular in the US, play anything but Brit Pop. (Not at least in the strictest Oasis vs. Blur (Great Escape-era, mind you) sense of the phrase.)

In large part, the hype that has proceeded the new invasion of bands like the Kaiser Chiefs or the Arctic Monkeys, has overshadowed their limited stateside success. But this may all be about to change.

The Long Blondes arrive in the US with their record, Someone To Drive You Home, available on Rough Trade. Three lovely ladies, two dashing lads with guitars and a case full of retro-pop catchiness. Bring on the Elastica and Blondie comparisons, but you know you love it.

The Long Blondes – “Separated By Motorways”


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