The Long Winters

January 17, 2007

John Roderick and his band, The Long Winters, are an unexpected Seattle band who sound more like They Might Be Giants than Nirvana. They’ve consistently produced solid, likable college rock tunes that have neat handwriting and play well with others. I’m not really sure why they aren’t more famous.

The Long Winters’ most recent record, Putting the Days to Bed, was a favorite record of NPR this year. “Pushover” was one of Rolling Stone’s favorite songs of the year. So make way for the arrival…

The Long Winters – “Fire Island, AK”

Listen: Pushover from Putting the Days to Bed, available on Barsuk Records. You can stream the entire record from the Barsuk page. Ultimatum from the Ultimatum EP; Blue Diamonds and Stupid from When I Pretend to Fall; Carparts and Scent of Lime from The Worst You Can Do Is Harm. All available from Barsuk Records.


One Response to “The Long Winters”

  1. claire Says:

    ace, thanks! i’ve been meaning to check out this band for a long time now.

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