January 18, 2007


I find the fact that this band can trace its roots to the Pennsylvania Governor’s School (of Excellence, mind you) almost as irresistible as the music they play. (Which one… The Arts or Agricultural Sciences?) New York’s Looker plays an immediately likable version of garage punk with three-girl harmonies that has combines elements of the Clash, Bad Religion, Blondie and the Strokes.

They could be this year’s stateside answer to the Tokyo Police Club and the east coast solution to the Donnas. I particularly like the mention of pheromones in “Tickle My Spine,” and “Hope & Anchor” has me thinking of Belly for the first time in a long while.

The band got the nod from Rolling Stone’s expert of rock and roll excellence, David Fricke, in the most recent issue (the one with James Brown on the cover).

Looker plays The Annex with The Subjects on January 24.

Listen: Hope & Anchor, Tickle My Spine, Hey Kids from Born Too Late (self-released). The record streams on their website and is available on InSound.


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