The Prayers

January 23, 2007

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower 

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower broke up a little more than a month ago, playing their last show in their hometown, San Diego.

For those who don’t know, The Plot were a noise-art-punk-jazz-cacophony of dark sounds à la The Liars or The Birthday Party. They were notorious button pushers: their live shows taunted the liberals with mock fascist-Nazi paraphernalia (check out their record, Love In The Fascist Brothel), and taunted the conservatives with homoerotic pantomime and (sometimes uninvited) audience groping. I believe they may have been banned from Baltimore.  

Three of the four former Plot members have gone on to focus their energies on a new band called The Prayers. The resulting tunes demonstrate a subtle genre switch, and though not as surprising as say, Gospel in Drag, the boys have certainly mixed it up a bit.

The Prayers (myspaced to thefuckingprayers) play catchy retro pop-rock with a punk edge. They offer brillant moments influenced by Elvis Costello, The Ramones, The Beach Boys and “Rock Around the Clock.” 

The song “Loose Lips” streams from their site and combines innocent-sounding 50’s harmonies, with a guitar line borrowed from “The Man Who Stole the World,” and the lyric, “I hear some people talking about me. The’ve got tongues like razor blades. They don’t think twice about fucking up your life. Oh No.” Then it’s all violins and tra la la: quite perfect. I think I may be in love.

God Save The Prayers will be out soon on Art Fag Records.

And if you missed it:

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