The Broken West

January 25, 2007


LA’s Broken West released their debut album this week, called I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, available on Merge Records. The album is a follow-up to their very successful self-released EP from 2004, The Dutchman’s Gold.

Just as on their initial offering, the Broken West (and not the Brokedown) continue to write thoughtful, melodic, rock songs. Their style is hard to pigeon-hole, with clear roots in the classic pop-rock tradition, and previous comparisons made to the likes of Matthew Sweet and The New Pornographers. 

While The Broken West may have found a home on the indie label Merge Records (home to such favorites as The Arcade Fire, Superchunk and the Neutral Milk Hotel), there is little scenester swagger to their 70’s countrified sound, as if they would fit in just as comfortably playing the some back-roads townie bar as the Pitchfork Music Festival. 

The Broken West will be touring with The Walkmen in the near future. (No townie bars there, I’m sure.)

Listen: Down in the Valley, SparksMy Love Is True, from the original self-released The Dutchman’s Gold, released as The Brokedown. Down in the Valley, from I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, available on Merge Records.


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