January 29, 2007


It’s difficult for me to say I know anything about Hip-Hop or rap music. I routinely pick up the Roots’ albums (hometown: Philadelphia), and go through the occasional phase of looking for interesting underground Hip-Hop. (Anyone have an mp3 of the Last Emperor’s “Secret Wars?”) 

I suppose there are always a few Hip-Hop acts in circulation on the indie music scene, though never enough to provide a true counter balance to what Jack Black might refer to as “sad bastard music.” (A few years ago maybe it was the Jurassic 5, now maybe it’s Spank Rock.)

But LA’s Busdriver (Regan Farquhar) might be another nominee for the indie Hip-Hop man of the moment. He’s got a new album coming out tomorrow on indie staple, Epitaph Records, called Roadkill Overcoat. I think it’s his fifth solo record. Last year he was featured on the Islands’ Return to the Sea, and he just opened for Deerhoof in NYC. (Currently, he’s sort of the citibank of indie cred.)

The album streams from his myspace page (see link below) and sounds… err, off the hook? It occasionally reminds me of the Anti-Pop Consortium. So right on, or as the kids say, “word.” 

Busdriver – “Imaginary Places”

Listen: Less Yes’s, More No’s, The Troglodyte Wins from Roadkill Overcoat, available on Epitaph Records. The entire album streams from Busdriver’s myspace page.


One Response to “Busdriver”

  1. I like the sound of the new album, though it might need to grow on me a bit to come near to Fear of a Black Tangent. I don’t like the Antipop Consortium comparison, just because I thought most of the rapping from those guys was a little weak, both in terms of lyrics and delivery. The music was occasionally incredible…but the vocals didn’t have enough grab to them.
    Busdriver on the other hand has huge bags of energy wit and balls.
    One thing that struck me about what I’ve heard of the new album, is that the sampling seems less eclectic and more focussed on a kind of early nineties rave scene type of sound. Same kind of beats but with the noises, synths and harmony parts sounding more influenced by electro and techno. Not sure how great that is, I’m not sure if it’s consistent, but I’ll buy it, and I’ll give it proper consideration.
    With vocal chords and brains like that you know it’s gonna be worth it.

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