Favourite Sons

January 30, 2007


So you’ve sort of got to forget that back in the late 90’s, Ken Griffen was a part of the incredible Rollerskate Skinny. It’s not that Rollerskate Skinny weren’t fucking great, because they were. (Or as the Favourite Sons bio states: “criminally overlooked”). It’s just that the band he’s in now has very little in common with them… well, with the exception of one band member and potential (fucking) greatness.

So let me repeat, this is not Kevin Shield’s brother’s band. There are verses, choruses, hooks. The memo’s subject reads: the Favourite Sons are not interested in shoegazing. (Not that there’s anything wrong with shoegazing.) But for the record, this band plays a dark rock music that reminds me more of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds than My Bloody Valentine.

The Nick Cave comparison is particularly strong on “Tear This Room Apart,” and there’s a weird BeeGees Stayin Alive-esque moment on “Round Here.” (Anyone? Anyone?) Anyway, this album is well worth your attention.    

The Favourite Sons also have a song on the Susan G. Komen Benefit CD to support breast cancer research.

Listen: Hang On, Girl from Down Beside Your Beauty, available on Vice Records. The entire album streams from here.



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