Cansei De Ser Sexy

February 26, 2007

Cansei De Ser Sexy win. Their hybrid-cover of Sleater-Kinney’s “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” and “Jenny From the Block” is full-on awesome. (As if the L7 cover wasn’t enough.) It’s just as clever as Ted Leo’s cover of “Since U Been Gone” from a little while back, but with better production.

CCS (which is Portuguese for “Tired of Being Sexy”) had found a stateside home at Sub Pop Records sometime last year, and I’d be the first to admit, that I just didn’t get it. But now I do. I will never doubt the Pacific Northwest gods again.

Listen: “I Wanna Be Your J. Lo“, “Pretend We’re Dead“.

Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” is available from Sub Pop Records.

And lest you forget: Ted Leo’s version of “Since U Been Gone

Neko Case

Here’s what’s going on in the city this week. My roommate is playing tambourine with Bridges and Powerlines at Lit, so be sure to check it out, they’re way cool and she’s way hot.

Friday, 2/23

Neko Case at The Allen Room (Jazz at Lincoln Center).
(mp3: Neko Case – Hold On Hold On, Star Witness)

The French Kicks, White Rabbits at Union Hall.
(mp3: French Kicks – Also Ran, When You Heard You)

The Lemonheads, Vietnam at Southpaw.
(mp3: Lemonheads – No Backbone)

Trans Am

Saturday, 2/24

Trans Am, Oneida at Knitting Factory.
(mp3: Trans Am – North East Rising Sun, Climbing Up The Ladder; Oneida – Up With People; )

Bad Jamie, Bridges and Powerlines, Russian Vogue, Cinema Cinema at Lit.
(mp3: Bridges and Powerlines – Carmen, All In; Cinema Cinema – Born In NYC, Sunburn Eyes)

Thursday, 3/1

El Perro Del Mar, Marissa Nadler, Chris Gameau at the Bowery Ballroom.
(mp3: El Perro Del Mar streams from myspace page; Marissa Nadler – Cortez the Killer (Neil Young cover))

Junior Boys

February 22, 2007

Admittedly, I’m a little late catching on to the Junior Boys. It seems that the pop music made by Jeremy Greenspan (didn’t we go to medical school together?) has been wooing the collective hearts of indie-popsters for several years now.

The music is definitively cooler than Ben Gibbard and The Postal Service, and has considerably less guilt associated with it than rocking to Justin Timberlake or Beyonce, which again, admittedly occasionally needs to be done by anyone with some sort of pop sensibility.

The Junior Boys’ new record, So This is Goodbye, (which is not-so-new) scored a 9.0 on the Pitchfork scale and was apparently everyone’s favorite record of the year. (Have I been asleep at the wheel?) The record is not your standard Invisible fare, but nonetheless remains on the iTunes repeat.

Check out “In the Morning” below. It’s about to become your favorite song.

Junior Boys – Like A Child

Listen: Junior Boys – “In the Morning” from So This is Goodbye, available on Domino Records.

The Junior Boys are currently touring Europe.

Blonde Redhead

February 20, 2007

As posted on the Gospel Pitchfork: Blonde Redhead have made a song available from their forthcoming seventh album, 23, which is due out on April 10. (NB: The post from Feb 19 has mysteriously disappeared.)

The song is called “23,” and is the lead track off of the new record. It finds Blonde Redhead sounding most dreamy, closing in on a My Bloody Valentine shoegaze. Interestingly, there are multiple vocal tracks by Kazu rather than the usual boy/girl dual vocals. Who knows what other surprises are in store…

Looking forward to the new record and seeing them on tour. They will be playing NYC at Webster Hall on May 8.

Listen: 23 from the album of the same name, available on 4AD Records. And here’s a link to the Shameless Complacency Blog which features the track, “The Dress.”

Click here to read my previous Blonde Redhead post.

Sonic Youth

The Invisible Friends are still alive, just a little busy with work. Many lives to save (excluding Tim Hardaway). Some great shows to see this week. Hope this post makes up for the slackery.

Friday, 2/16

The Arcade Fire (see the previous Invisible Shows post).

The Dirtbombs, Tiny Masters of Today, Boy/Girl at Maxwell’s.
(mp3: Tiny Masters of Today – Stickin it to the Man, Bushy, Pictures)

Hot Cross, Transistor Transistor, Dear Tonight, Olde Ghost at Cake Shop.
(mp3: Transistor Transistor – Black Cat, Powerchord Academy; Dear Tonight – Rushing At Ends, Swearing’s A Sin)

Mos Def at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.
(stream: at Mos Def website)


Pela, The High Strung, The Teeth, XYZ Affair at The Mercury Lounge.
(mp3: Pela – Lost to the Lonesome, The Trouble With River Cities; The High Strung – N Over C, Truce; XYZ Affair – Little Fool)

Sonic Youth, Wooden Wand at Webster Hall.
(mp3: Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots (live), Fire Engine (Sonic Nurse rehearsal); Wooden Wand – Cobra Christ in the Great Void, Risen From The Ashes, Sundum Ladies)

Daniel Higgs (of Lungfish)

Saturday, 2/17

Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, Jennifer O’Connor, Pablo, Koufax at Knitting Factory.
(mp3: Jennifer O’Connor – Exeter Rhode Island, Today)

Gang Gang Dance, Daniel Higgs, Eystek at Studio B.
(mp3: Lungfish – You Are The War)

The Oxford Collapse, Rock Plaza Central, Meneguar at The Grasslands Gallery.
(mp3: The Oxford Collapse – Lady Lawyers, Please Visit Your National Parks; Rock Plaza Central – My Children Be Joyful, When We Go How We Go Part 2; Meneguar – The Temp)

State Radio, New Amsterdams, Salt and Samovar at Bowery Ballroom.
(mp3: State Radio – Camilo; New Amsterdams – Turn Out The Light)

Monday, 2/18

Chin Up Chin Up, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Union Hall.
(mp3: Chin Up Chin Up – This Harness Can’t Ride Anything, Collide the Tide)

Asobi Seksu

Wednesday, 2/20

The Ataris, Asobi Seksu, Wax on the Radio at Bowery Ballroom.
(mp3: Asobi Seksu – I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me, Sooner; )

Chin Up Chin Up (see above) at Mercury Lounge.