The Cave Singers

February 1, 2007

Pretty Girls Make Graves by Dan Monik

According to the gospel called Pitchfork, Pretty Girls Make Graves are breaking up after their next tour.

Though the band’s website reports that “Nick quit the band and the rest of us feel like it wouldn’t be right to continue on without him,” one has to wonder if the recent public outings of bassist Derek Fudesco’s side project (possibly now main project) The Cave Singers came into the equation. (Coincidence?) 

The last time Fudesco had a side project band, it was called Pretty Girls Make Graves, and the end of the excellent and esteemed Murder City Devils was close at hand. This of course is pure speculation of the worst kind… and I’m sure there is much logic and reason behind the music. 

Pretty Girls Make Graves were (and are, for the next few months) an excellent Fugazi-esque post-hardcore band (with a little more estrogen and ritalin). And in the grand tradition of that DC punk rock fab four, they fucking rock live.

Do try to catch them one last time, and be sure to check out the acoustic good tidings brought to you by The Cave Singers.     

Listen: Stream from The Cave Singers’ myspace page. Pretty Girls Make Graves – All Medicated Geniuses from The New Romance, and The Noctournal House from Elan Vital, both available on Matador Records.


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