Dirty On Purpose

February 5, 2007


Brooklyn’s Dirty On Purpose may have one of the worst band names around. (They even acknowledge this as a joke on their webpage, but in consolation, it could have been much worse. Audioslave, for example.) They are, however, a very fine band.

Dirty On Purpose may also have a bit of the worst timing ever. Since the band is often compared to Yo La Tengo and sometimes Sonic Youth, it probably wasn’t such a good thing that both Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth released critically praised albums during the same year that Dirty On Purpose got to release theirs. 

The band returned last year with their full-length debut, Hallelujah Sirens. Since the release of their EP, Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow, keyboardist/vocalist Erika Forster left the band for the synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone. (Sad, since “All New Friends” is such a great song, but Au Revoir Simone are pretty great as well.) Though the five are now four, the new album has melody and feedback to spare. Sure the old comparisons remain, (it’s a little more Yo La than Sonic) and new ones like Beulah come to mind.

The album is up for the Plug Awards Best Indie Record of the Year. Dirty On Purpose play Mercury Lounge on Feb 15. Be sure to check them out.

Listen: Mind Blindness from Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow. No Radio (acoustic and live on the radio). Car No Driver and Light Pollution (also live and on the radio). Hallelujah Sirens, available on North Street Records.


One Response to “Dirty On Purpose”

  1. ChuckP Says:

    This was a great session… not sure how you got the tracks, but I’m glad more people are getting the chance to hear them

    Check out the show for more in studio performances… http://www.indie1031.com... last night I had Of Montreal and The Changes, next week, Peter, Bjorn & John..

    Chuck P.

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