Dischord Records

February 6, 2007

Dischord Records Office Staff circa 1996 (?)

Dischord Records, birthplace to straight-edge hardcore, emo, and home to the likes of Fugazi, Jawbox, Shudder to Think and The Nation of Ulysses recently launched an excellent update to their website, www.dischord.com.

The site continues to feature band info, as well as record releases and upcoming shows featuring Dischord and DC-metro-based artists. Additionally, there is a feature written by ex-Dusters/ex-Severin/Dischord employee, Alec Bourgeois regarding Councilman Jim Graham’s recent push to ban minors from DC nightclubs (making the all-ages show a thing of the past). Read it here.

The Dems may have taken over in November, but don’t expect Dischord et al to sit back and watch the two party system’s continual volley of accountability. Likewise, Fugazi may be on an extended hiatus, but the music from DC is as vibrant as ever (see also: The Evens, French Toast, Soccer Team, Channels).

Another feature of the new site are free mp3 samples of Dischord artists (and recommendations from the Dischord office crew). For years, Dischord has resisted increasing record prices, maintaining the $8 and then the $10 postage-paid cd price (sort of like the Fugazi $5 ticket price). So now you can sample all of the musical goodness right from the source, and then purchase the entire release in one place.  FYI – Dischord releases are also available from iTunes.


Here are some of the Invisible Friends favorite Dischord bands/tunes:  

Fugazi – Bad Mouth from 13 Songs

Shudder to Think – Shake Your Halo Down
from Get Your Goat

The Nation of Ulysses – Aspirin Kid
from 13 Point Program to Destroy America

Smart Went Crazy – Funny As in Funny Ha-Ha from Con Art

Q And Not U – Wonderful People from Power



One Response to “Dischord Records”

  1. John Says:

    good post. thanks for the Q and not U track.

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