February 8, 2007

Half-Cocked was the indie rock answer to the SinglesSoundtrack back in 1994. The film essentially chronicles a group of bored kids in Louisville (played by various members of Rodan), who steal a van that belongs to their older brother’s band (played by the one and only Ian Svenonius), and their vigilante tour for their maverick made-up band.

The movie is being released for the first time on DVD, and will be screened in NYC on Feb 13, at the Anthology Film Archives. The soundtrack was available on Matador Records, but is currently out of print.

Half-Cocked – Trailer

Here are a few non-soundtrack tracks from some of the excellent bands appearing on that out of print record:

Unwound – Corpse Pose
Slant 6 – Love Shock
Polvo – Everything in Flames
Versus – Deseret
Crain – Car Crash Decisions

The Make*Up – Centre of the Earth 
(They are in the film, but not on the record.)

*In a peripherally related but equally exciting in a mid-90’s kind of way, Noah Baumbauch’s debut film from 1995, Kicking and Screaming, has also recently made it to DVD on the Criterion Collection. Go Cougars!

One Response to “Half-Cocked”

  1. anon Says:

    hey if you’re into Unwound or Versus check out the upcoming EP from the POISON ARROWS called ‘Straight into the Drift.’ It comes out MARCH 20 on FILE 13 records.

    the album features ex-members of Don Caballero & Atombombpocketknife.

    The EP’s songs have a whole new developed sound that would appeal to fans of Unwound, Shellac, Don Cab. bass loops, angular guitars, sweet drum beats, droney keyboards!

    check out the new stuff on their myspace

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