Blonde Redhead

February 20, 2007

As posted on the Gospel Pitchfork: Blonde Redhead have made a song available from their forthcoming seventh album, 23, which is due out on April 10. (NB: The post from Feb 19 has mysteriously disappeared.)

The song is called “23,” and is the lead track off of the new record. It finds Blonde Redhead sounding most dreamy, closing in on a My Bloody Valentine shoegaze. Interestingly, there are multiple vocal tracks by Kazu rather than the usual boy/girl dual vocals. Who knows what other surprises are in store…

Looking forward to the new record and seeing them on tour. They will be playing NYC at Webster Hall on May 8.

Listen: 23 from the album of the same name, available on 4AD Records. And here’s a link to the Shameless Complacency Blog which features the track, “The Dress.”

Click here to read my previous Blonde Redhead post.


One Response to “Blonde Redhead”

  1. kebove Says:

    Wow, thanks for linking to my blog. Very cool.

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