The Dismemberment Plan

March 11, 2007

So the rumors (which have been confirmed) are true. The Dismemberment Plan is back, for not just one, but TWO reunion shows in April. They will take place at the Black Cat Club in the band’s hometown of Washington, DC on April 27 and 28.

The April 28 show is a benefit for Callum Robbins, son of ex-Jawbox, ex-Burning Airlines and Channels front-couple J. and Janet. In an interview with Robbins for (several years ago when the first Burning Airlines record was being released), the singer told me that Travis Morrison of the D-Plan was one singer/lyricist he truly admired and was inspired by.

Surely, the reunion-benefit show is reflection of this mutual respect and longtime friendship, as have been most of the benefit shows organized by the rallied indie-rock community for little Cal.

For those who haven’t seen the D-Plan play, it’s always a good time. Bring an interesting little tchatzkah, add it to the on-stage shrine and request your favorite D-Plan song. Maybe in honor of Callum, take a ride to the local toy shop and pick-up something fuzzy.

The Dismemberment Plan play with The Beauty Pill and Owls and Crows.

See you in DC.

Listen: The City from Emergency & I; Pay For the Piano, Academy Award from A People’s History, Superpowers from Change. All records are available from DeSoto Records.

Also, a personal favorite: The Beauty PillLifeguard in Wintertime from Unsustainable Lifestyle available on Dischord Records.

And… Owls and CrowsStatic Blood, New Blood.

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