The National

March 25, 2007

The National is slowly taking over the United States, inch by inch, one club at a time. Their appeal is undeniable and universal: mid-western good-looks backed by Brooklyn bravado, sold out shows without the immediate household name recognition; they are the soundtrack to your drinking/dancing/fucking life.

The follow-up to their critically-acclaimed album, Alligator, is due out in late May. The record is called Boxer, and the initial track offering, “Fake Empire” demonstrates the band is in full control of their intoxicating mellowed pulsed-dose baritone power build, adding some piano and horns into the mix.

If the rest of the record is as good as everything presented here, the band will have produced three excellent consecutive records, and finally outshone their Brooklyn/Philadelphia friends and openers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who unwittingly borrowed much of the media spotlight during an earlier tour. (Take that, New York Times review!)

If they aren’t already, The National are your new favorite band. This isn’t a suggestion, just a statement of fact.

The National – “A Skin, A Night (promo)” by Vincent Moon

See two live versions of new National songs, “Start a War” and “Ada” (as well as many other cool people singing) at Vincent Moon’s incredible Blogotheque: Take Away Concerts at:

The National – “Start a War”

Listen: Fake Empire from the forthcoming Boxer, which will be available from the Beggars Group on May 22, 2007.

The National are playing four times at the Bowery Ballroom between May 28-31. Two of the shows are sold out.

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  1. […] if they aren’t already, the national are your new favorite band. this isn’t a suggestion, just a… […]

  2. vliqz Says:

    Good site!!!

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