Patrick Wolf

March 28, 2007

What, dare I ask dear Patrick, is the magic position to which you refer? I suppose, my darling “classically trained” UK pop musical prodigy, that it isn’t really anyone’s business, and we should all just mind our manners and enjoy the music. But maybe, just maybe, all the indie girls and all the indie boys have developed crushes.

We’re certainly glad that with the new album it sounds like you’ve got the kids dancing again. “The Magic Position” is a favorite pop song of the moment. Have the opening slots for the Bloc Party and the Arcade Fire got you on that natural good times high? (Is it true that redheads have more fun?)

The album has been out in Europe for about a month now (on Loog Records), and will hit the US in about another. The reviews on the third record look pretty promising (8.3 on the Pitchfork Scale), so it looks like you won’t have to subject yourself to a stint on American Idol, though a duet with you may be just what that kid, Sanjaya Malakar needs.

Patrick Wolf – “Accident and Emergency”

Patrick Wolf – Bluebells

Listen: “The Magic Position” from the forthcoming album of the same name on Loog Records.

One Response to “Patrick Wolf”

  1. faye hellowell Says:

    you music is good .
    you look and sound like a nice person

    you was on my fave show on channel 4

    i cant believe all the things it says in bio.

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