Jarvis Cocker

April 5, 2007

Brit-pop hero, ex-Pulp frontman, and cultural commentator/stuntman is out to buy his father a retirement home, offering a shiny new album, The Jarvis Cocker Record, or Jarvis, for short. It received a stateside release this week, though it’s been out in the UK for months.

Does it sound like Pulp? Well of course it does, at least a little, after all Cocker was Pulp’s singer. Is it witty and ironic? Sure… a piano ballad called “I Will Kill Again,” a “Crimson and Clover” sample, a breezy pop gem called “From Auschwitz to Ipswich,” and of course the secret track, “(Cunts Are Still) Running the World,” which was reportedly inspired by Live8/the G8 Summit in 2005.

Sadly, the video of Cocker’s Soy Bomb-style protest of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” at the 1996 BRIT Awards has yet to make it to YouTube. Anyone?

Jarvis Cocker – “Running the World” (The faux karaoke video, for your K-Town pleasure.)

Mr. Cocker plays Webster Hall on April 22 and 23.

Listen – “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time” from Jarvis, available on Rough Trade. (And the hidden track, once offered free on his MySpace page, “Running the World.”


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