Parts & Labor

April 10, 2007

Are horn arrangements and more attention to melody the tell-tale signs of indie kids growing up and out of tattered Chuck Taylors and thick plastic-framed glasses? Is the graffiti-walled Williamsburg loft being abandoned for Park Slope and children? Have Brooklyn’s Parts and Labor reached punk rock maturity, ripe for a major label harvest?

No fucking way. Sure, the new offering from BJ et al sounds more expansive than the characteristically dense electronic mayhem of their previous records. In a sense it builds logically on last year’s excellent Stay Afraid. Yes, there is more melody. Yes, there are horns. And, no it does not sound like a jackhammer playing Nintendo in your headphones. But this is no bid for arena rock.

The sounds remain distorted and broken; the instrumentation defies naming; the drumming is still fucking insane. BJ and Dan continue to develop as vocalists (remember when there were no vocals?), and the songs have gone from a Jackson Pollock mural of electronic noise to something you might just catch yourself humming.

Parts and Labor are on tour across the US, heading far away from New York in a counter-clockwise direction.

Listen: “Fractured Skies” from the forthcoming Mapmaker, available from Jagjaguwar on May 22, 2007.

And be sure to check out their new label, Cardboard Records at


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