Dean & Britta

April 14, 2007

Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips (of Dean & Britta, of course) are many things: a music group, husband and wife, and half of the former favored VU-styled indie pop band, Luna. On their second record, Back Numbers, they are all of these things for sure, but most of all they are the latter.

Back Numbers could easily be the new Luna record you’ve been waiting years for, and though Pitchfork hypothesizes that there may not be many pining for a Luna reunion in the first place, Back Numbers is a good reminder of why Wareham et al were admired by so many.

Here, Wareham and Britta sing sweet love songs softly to each other and kindly allow us to eavesdrop. It’s signature Luna: intimate dreamy indie-pop that’s consistently good, with occasional beauty, and little to complain about.

If you’ve never recovered from the Galaxie 500 break-up or the Luna dissolution, you already own this record. But not to worry, this one’s ’til death do we part.

Dean & Britta – “Words You Used To Say”

Listen: “Singer Sing” from Back Numbers, available from Zoe Records.


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