Takka Takka

May 3, 2007

In the opening moments of their set at the Pela record release show at the Mercury Lounge, Takka Takka singer Gabe Levine announced that he was fired from his day-job. Admittedly, we have no idea what Mr. Levine previously did to pay the rent, but hey, could this be filed under a blessing-in-disguise?

Supposedly, it’s too early to tell. Takka Takka independently self-released their debut album in late 2006 to some strong reviews, following the lead of fellow Brooklynites and friends, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, with whom they once shared a tour and a band member. Are they laughing their way to the bank, dodging major label record contracts along the way? (Probably not, after the underwhelming CYHSY second record, but who knows what strange prospects unemployment brings…)

Despite the shared indie-rock heritage, however, Takka Takka are a different band. Sure they hop around on stage playing lovely indie-boy guitar rock, Levine armed with acoustic guitar, keyboards and strapped into a harmonica, but trade the Talking Heads David Byrne influences for some Lou Reed with a little doses of Pavement, the Wrens, the Van Pelt, and Imperial Teen.

Takka Takka play Union Hall on May 12 with The Changes and The End of the World. They also play at the South Street Seaport with The National on August 17, for FREE.

Listen: “We Feel Safer At Night” and “Coco On the Corner” from We Feel Safer At Night. (Self-released by the band CYHSY-style.) The Talk Faster EP is still available FREE here.


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