Joan As Police Woman

May 21, 2007

Joan Wasser is what you would call well-connected. She could be the spokeswoman for some indie-rock cellphone service, where we could all marvel at her inner-circle of free-minute-friends.

Previously known for her work as a member of the Dambuilders, Ms. Wasser went on to collaborate with a collection of various artists, many of whom seem to be having a bit of a moment right now, which lends itself nicely to aiding her own band, Joan As Police Woman, just as their album is about to be released stateside.

Yes, she is a friend and collaborator of Rufus Wainwright, who is wearing her scarf in the current edition of Rolling Stone and has a new album out. Yes, she was once a Johnson of Antony & the Johnsons fame, and the list of artists she’s worked with reads a bit like a who’s who of independently-minded rock and roll: Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Tanya Donnelly, David Gahan, Mary Timony (in Mind Science of the Mind, with Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think).

And now, of course, she’s on tour with fellow violinist, Andrew Bird.

But Joan As Police Woman is more than the most popular girl in school. Her songs are beautifully soft and float along with piano and that voice, though simultaneously self-described as punk. (After all, “Beauty is the new punk rock.”)

Joan As Police Woman is currently in Europe.
Real Life was released by UK indie Reveal Records last year. It will be released in the US in June.

Listen: “Real Life” and “Eternal Flame” from Real Life, available on Reveal Records in the UK now, and in the US on June 12.

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