Mark Maher

May 26, 2007

It seems New York singer-songwriter Mark Maher has a bit of a dramatic flair. On a new five-song demo (available online here), he explores the theme of trust (and truth), armed with only his voice and a piano.

The songs are sweet mid-tempo tales of love and loss, that out Maher as a true romantic. The music pays homage to his recent work in theater, interspersed with moments of Burt Bacharach, Joni Mitchell and even Tori Amos. (Or is it that he’s just playing a piano?)

Mark will undoubtedly be seen out and about New York, and may occasionally be heard singing at Marie’s Crisis. As a friend to the Invisible Friends, we encourage you to check him out.

The Trust Demo:
1 “I Hate
2 “After All This Time
3 “Can’t Get Back
4 “I’m Trying (To Move On With My Life)
5 “On the Road


One Response to “Mark Maher”

  1. takvya Says:

    woooooooooo!!!!! the next streisand strikes again!!!! this shit is hot.

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