Au Revoir Simone

June 4, 2007

Are we trading coasts and breaking hearts? I’m reminded of a certain line from Kicking and Screaming: “Selfish girl leaves helpless boy for overrated country.” Only in this case, there’s a paucity of selfishness and California’s not a country. (Bye Jean!)

So here we are with Au Revoir Simone playing in our headphones, feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, “Sad Song” on repeat. Have we fallen for the Postal Service once again, hopped up on drum machines, electronics, and sweetly sung sad songs? Of course we have. (But we’re in good company, David Lynch.)

Au Revoir Simone is a Brooklyn band of three women exclusively playing keyboards of various makes and models, accompanied by a drum machine which on occasion recalls the Ronettes’ drummer. The keys on their new record, The Bird of Music, are decidedly less electronic than organic, and sound more vintage and lo-fi than techno.

Just to be clear, Ben Gibbard makes no appearances on this record. Instead the vocal duties are shared by all three band members, though each sounds strikingly similar to Amy Millan from the Stars. Throw in a Stereolab reference or two, and there you are: your new favorite band for the summer.

“Sad Song” from The Bird of Music.
(Keep clicking and you’ll jump to YouTube.)

Their new record, The Bird Of Music, is currently out on Our Secret Record Company. Au Revoir Simone play Webster Hall on June 15 with Voxtrot, and then head for Europe and Japan.

Listen: “Through the Backyards” from Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation, and “The Lucky One” from The Bird of Music.

2 Responses to “Au Revoir Simone”

  1. Amylu Says:

    Au Revoir Simone are the sweetest! They played NYC in June at Webster Hall. Here’s a live video from their concert. Hope you like it!

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