St. Vincent

June 6, 2007

Annie Clark from the Polyphonic Spree writes these charming and dramatically quirky songs, filled with varied layers of instrumentation, vocal lines and lyrical oddities. (Think: Shudder to Think, minus Craig Wedren’s Freddie Mercury influences and more Kate Bush.)

For months, Gorilla vs. Bear in particular has been promoting the St. Vincent music machine, which fortunately for all of us is about to arrive. With a tour supporting indie folk hero Sufjan Stevens behind her and an anticipated solo record being released July 10, by Beggars Banquet, Annie Clark’s star is on the rise.

St. Vincent is some of the most original singer-songwriting this side of Joanna Newsom, and though quite distinct from her Appalachian contemporary, winning nonetheless. While it could be her use of a childrens’ chorus or the discordant string-laden climax at the end of “Now Now” (a la the Beatles), and though we really can’t wait to hear, “Jesus Saves, I Spend,” the true centerpiece of St. Vincent is Annie Clark on vocals and guitar.

See her beauty of a Nico redux, “These Days,” below as a proof of concept, and be sure to check her out soon. St. Vincent plays at the Bowery Ballroom on July 17.

Listen: “Now Now” from the forthcoming record, Marry Me, available on Beggars Banquet July 10. “Paris is Burning” and “These Days” from the Paris is Burning EP.


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