Invisible Songs vol. 4

June 7, 2007

Elliott Smith

1. The New Pornographers – My Rights Versus Yours

2. Au Revoir Simone – The Lucky One

3. Okkervil River – Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe

4. Feist – I Feel It All

5. Minus the Bear – Dr. L’Ling

6. Elliot Smith – High Times

7. Low – Breaker

8. Andrew Bird – Heretics

9. El-P – Smithereens

10. Amy Winehouse –Rehab (Go ahead and keep clicking…)


2 Responses to “Invisible Songs vol. 4”

  1. Clara V. Says:

    I was just looking for some information about Elliott and I reached here.
    Thanks to you I have just discover St Vincent. Amazing. Thank you very much… and greetings from Argentina! 🙂

  2. skitx Says:

    my right versus yours is just amazing!!!!!

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