Touch and Go Records: 25th Anniversary Video; Seam, The Monorchid

June 14, 2007

2007 marked the 25th Anniversary of Chicago’s Touch and Go Records, an occasion marked by a celebratory concert that included of many of the label’s past favorite greats, reunited for a single passing moment. Unless you were in Chicago though, you missed out. But now you can relive the experience over and over on a series of videos posted by the veteran indie.

Two bands in particular hold favored spots in the invisible heart: Seam and the Monorchid. The two groups were polar opposites of a single universe occupied by six strings, day jobs and a certain notoriety amongst the dark corners of rebel sewing circles.

Seam, the heir apparent band to the Sooyoung Park (genius of the Bitch Magnet fame), played a smart brand of hushed guitar-based college rock disguised as an engineering department. It was surely their Asian-ness that first caught our slanty eyes, but the interest was held by their catchy Pixies in slo-mo songs, and the Liz Phair connection.

The Monorchid from DC practiced in the same Maryland arts center that the invisible friends formerly occupied in a previous life. They sounded like punks in a garage, but with a decade of experience playing live shows, touring and recording in previous bands (like the spectacular Circus Lupus), Chris Thomson et al had carved out a niche as a ranting, growling punk rock poet fronting a band that was the real fucking thing.

Roll the videotape.

Click here for the Seam video page.
Click here for the Monorchid video page.

Listen: Seam – “Little Chang, Big City“; Monorchid – “X Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened Here


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