Girls Against Boys

July 7, 2007

The bass x2 playing audio sex machine, Girls Against Boys, are set to play their 1993 record, Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby, as a part of the Don’t Look Back concert series.

The band members’ extracurricular activities (producing, writing, etc.) have occupied a majority of their time recently, and it was never really clear if GVSB had went on hiatus, broken up or just disappeared. Five years ago marks the release of their most recent record, though the band has been playing shows recently in Europe and at Touch and Go 25 in Chicago. The most recent dates add little to this data, as the band was invited to participate in the Don’t Look Back concert series, and may not predict future band behavior. The band is still marked as active on Wikipedia, if that’s any indication, though the Touch and Go site says this is not so.

So put up the $20 and grab the rare opportunity to partake in the tangible real-time GVSB experience. The DC Soulside turned NYC buzz band are known to rock the low-end like no one else, (see the 2-night Jawbox v. GVSB double bill at the Black Cat in DC for a reference) and have had nearly 15 years to practice playing this record. It should be fucking phenomenal.

The dark rhythms are quickening. Be there.

Girls Against Boys – She’s Lost Control (Joy Division Cover)

Girls Against Boys will play Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby at the Bowery Ballroom on July 20, 2007. They play a repeat performance in LA two days later.

Listen: “Kill the Sexplayer” from Cruise Yourself available on Touch and Go Records; “Kicking the Lights” and “Bassstation” from You Can’t Kill What You Can’t See available on Jade Tree Records.

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