Imperial Teen

July 15, 2007

Imperial Teen is making a comeback record. So for the love of Kurt Cobain, take a trip down memory lane to 1996, and re-visit the indie-pop greatness of Seasick.

Easily the best queer boy-girl rock and roll action this side of the Pixies, Imperial Teen disappeared some time ago after their third album, On. Over the last five years, the Imperial Teens have been preoccupied by other endeavors (i.e. the hair, the tv, the baby and the other band, hey willpower). But fortunately for us, the band returns to reign over a new age with a new record called The Hair, The TV, The Baby and The Band, which will be out on Merge Records on August 21.

The first song from the new record, “Shim Sham,” is available to hear on their myspace page. It’s a fresh return to the catchy palm muted indie-pop guitar riffs that made Imperial Teen so popular in the first place. The new record, which was leaked in mid-June, will be, like, totally awesome.

“You Hoo” from What Is Not To Love (& the Jawbreaker Soundtrack).

Listen: “You’re One” from Seasick. “Shim Sham” from The Hair, The TV, The Baby and The Band, the forthcoming album on Merge Records.


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