Yeah Yeah Yeahs

July 22, 2007

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs return as the most powerful band in the universe with their new Is Is EP. I suppose the release is officially slated for a July 24 release, but has been ready for purchase around NYC. (Though not on your $600 iPhone, bitches!*)

The EP features five songs written previously while on tour and played live (and on DVD) frequently. Like their self-titled debut EP, it’s a brief and intense affair that’s priced to move (but with better production and slightly less hype). “Down Boy” is the popular-standout, a mid-tempo rocker ready to be remixed into something like dance-hall phenomenon, but all five songs are quality YYY’s tunes.

There’s nothing done here that is revolutionary with the YYY’s sound. (Remember, these are older songs.) Karen O re-ignites the old howl-stomp-growl like only she can. (If you’re a microphone, you should check out the videos.) Nick Zinner’s gone electric again, and Brian Chase is pounding away keeping everything together. These songs sound as good as anything the band has done in the past, ie. Fever To Tell, “Art Star” and “Our Time.” So don’t write off the YYY’s yet and check it out.

Oh, but the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack can go fuck itself.
YYY’s play Webster Hall on August 7.

Listen: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Down Boy

*Well, that’s not exactly true. Live videos for all five songs shot at the Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn have been posted on Youtube, and are available for your viewing pleasure. So the rich kids win again. (It was so worth the money, dude.)

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