Architecture in Helsinki

July 30, 2007

The Australian a cappella group turned cool indie band (after hijacking a bus-load of band geeks) returns this summer with hand claps and tubas in tow on their new record, Places Like This, which will be released on August 21, on Polyvinyl Records. It’s been two years since their successful, In Case We Die, which fell somewhere between infectiously annoying and disturbingly supergenius. “It’5!” remains one of those songs I can’t quite turn off despite all of my natural instincts to do so. (Really, the first half of that albums is a pure pop addiction.)

The first glimpses of their latest release, “Heart It Races” and “Hold Music” continue the tradition in full force. While it may be difficult to keep from rolling your eyes and feigning cool, suppressing a smile may be more trouble than it’s worth. (After all, Architecture In Helsinki are well, kind of cool… opening spots for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Death Cab For Cutie among others… a festival of ridiculous names perhaps.)

Embrace your inner Art Nouveau, baby.

Architecture In Helsinki – “Hold Music”

Listen: “Heart It Races” from the Heart It Races EP, available on Polyvinyl Records.


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